Octavia - 3.0 Avatar

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Octavia - 3.0 Avatar (Physbones Ready)

Mafia Avatar Female



Instagram -> @zarzar.vrc

TikTok -> @zarzar.vrc

Discord -> Zaneri Dragon#5805


Special Thank You!

Thank you Chirpy and Kisikia(Ria) for helping me and teaching me everything I know!!

Thank you Remy and Kisikia(Ria) for being my beautiful models!!

Just thank you to all my friends who helped me and pushed me to keep fighting for this!!

Friends Socials :

Remy :

Instagram - @remys_vrc

ChirpyPenny :

Instagram - @chirpypenny_vr

Kisikia (Ria) :

Instagram - @lilliana.vr



  1. ) Newest VRChat SDK
  2. ) Dynamic Penitration System (DPS)
  3. ) Poyomi Pro
  4. ) Avatar Package


Octavia's Assets / Bases / Textures:


- Panda Base

- Sweaty Face

- Half Up Hair by Sadge

- Tattoo Texture Dragon&Flowers by Luni


- Trench Coat

- Suit Top

- XL Heels

- Shirt

- White Shirt

- Lace Bra

- Lace Panties

- Corset

- Dress

- Gun Harness


By purchasing this item you agree to adhere to and follow the terms of service. Failure to adhere to terms of service will result in fines and legal action. You will be asked to cease and remove as well. The copyright in a work initially belongs to the author(s) who created that work. Copyright exists automatically in an original work of authorship once it is fixed in a tangible medium. This 3D asset is protected by Copyright Law, illegal distribution and failure to abide by the given Terms of Service of the said asset can be subjected to fines between $200 to $150,000, infringer pays actual dollar amount of damages and profits made by said stolen asset, the infringer will pay all attorney fees and court costs, illegal iterations of the stolen work can be impounded and possible jail time. If you need more information on copyright please visit, https://www.copyright.gov/title17/ for more information.

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Comes with Octavia 3.0 w/ Physbones

230 MB
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Octavia - 3.0 Avatar

9 ratings